What will it cost?

 Permit Fees are non-refundable and are based on an annual cost recovery. These fees include the cost of permit processing, administration and location fees. Location fees are required for film permits and are determined based on type of film permit, number of cast and crew and number of days of the permit requested. Other fees, such as, cost recovery fees may apply depending on requests made in application. 

Pay $100 Non-Refundable Application Fee Online

Applications must have been already submitted prior to paying application fees. A permit number is required to process payments.

Pay Commercial Film Location Fees Online

If/when your application has been approved, location fees will be due. 

Location fees are as follows ….(the number of people is total cast and crew).

 Still Photography

1-10 People $50/day

11-30 People $150/day

Over 30 People $250/day

Commercial Filming/Video

1-2 People Camera and tripod only $0/day  

1-10 People $150/day

11-30 People $250/day 

31-49 People $500/day

Over 50 People $750/day

Pay Commercial Film Cost Recovery Fees Online

If/when your application has been approved, there is a potential for additional costs. 

Cost Recovery would be any costs incurred by the

park as a result of the requested permit. If the park feels a cost recovery amount is needed the applicant is required to pay prior to receiving final permit.  Estimates will be included in the drafted permit, if approved.

For example; if supervision is required, applicant/permittee would be responsible for

paying for that Park Ranger’s time. Other costs include but are not limited to restoration of location/s, clean up, and/or set up for a permit.